DGL (UGL) Development group and leader

Sweden´s most frequented leadership-training is a very popular course with the public administration and the trade and industry. It addresses managers and leaders who want to discover and learn how leadership and dynamics affect the group.

The course aims to make the participants more efficient as leaders, instructors and members of a group by:

DGL is a group-dynamic and practical education focused on the participants´own experiences of practice and theory during the course. The course is pedagogically based on the participants own experiences which is intermingled with theoretical exercises. The participants get an insight into their own role in the group and also how the leadership affects the development of the group. The participants work actively with their own areas of improvement during the course which brings about their own development.

The training is done in groups of 8-12 people and it is held by two supervisors who are trained and have a degree from the Swedish National Defence College. The contents of the course is adapted to the needs of the participants and the group which makes for an optimum personal development.

DGL is a demanding course and you need to be in balance mentally with yourself and your surroundings during the course.

The course extends over five days´ intensive training with activities every evening. Supervisors lead all the training and the participants are boarding. The unique arrangement of the course requires attendance for the whole period of the course.

Our ambition during the DGL courses is that you will meet total strangers in order to obtain optimum personal development through swapping experiences.

» Welcome to improve your ability to working together!