Per & Per Ledarskap

We are two majors and ex-officers, who after nearly 40 years of combined work for The Swedish Armed Forces, now run the educational company called Per & Per Leadership. Over the years we have acquired a lot of practical experience in leadership and management, often in difficult situations and under extreme pressure. We have the experience and the competence to infuse vitality into people and to improve organisations. We run our educational company because we want to see people develop. We run it in order to make directors and managers grow and we run it to turn groups into efficient teams in successful organisations.

We want the way ahead to lead to success

Our vision

Our business conception is to strengthen the leadership in organisations. We are firm believers in continuous learning and continuous development in people. We are convinced that investing in staff makes the company or organisation reach higher results. We believe that new managers need more leadership-training in order to become better leaders to their staff. We believe that experienced managers need to be made more aware of their weaknesses and strengths in order to strengthen their own leadership. We believe that groups working together need to develop to get on and become efficient teams that continuously reflect and improve their way of working in growing organisations.

We believe that everybody finds their own way to success

What do we do?

We make managers, leaders and individuals stronger and we create and maintain efficient teams. We focus on the customer´s needs within the realms of leadership and management and we make sure that the improvement is carried out in perfect balance between the demands of the organisation and the set goals of the individual. Our motto is simplicity and quality and we offer general courses as well as tailor-made educational work.

Personal development is necessary to reach the way to success

How do we do it?

We base our work on a positive aspect on mankind with respect for the creative differences and the different genders. We use learning which is based on experience and we work from a holistic point of view with our courses and with our training. We apply learning based on a comprehensive viewpoint where improvement starts on the right level and where participation constitutes a condition to create an optimal learning climate and motivation.

We want you to find your own way to success



Presentation of Per Nordanberg

“Happiness is catching a large salmon trout in a Norrlandic river one day and the next day to have the privilege of developing leaders, individuals or groups at a training centre somewhere in Sweden.” I have for the past few years been able to combine my own work as a leadership consultant with the pleasure of catching fantastic salmon trout I was born and raised in Västerås but I now reside in Åre. I trained leadership every day during the twenty years I was employed by the Swedish Armed Forces. My last mission there was as a company commander to train and at the same time wind up my own unit. My experience in command and leadership from the Armed Forces has proved to be very advantageous in my new role as the owner of a business enterprise.

I am a trained UGL and SDI instructor and I have extensive training in handling stress and crisises from the SOSCON in Norway. I have cemented my practical experience in leadership by studying psychology at university level.

Presentation of Per Simonsson

Watching people getting new insight and a wish to act inspires me in my work. Quality of life to me as a father of small children is to experience adventure with my family in the wild nature of Sweden. The combination of working with the development of people and the educational courses it entails and being able to live in Jämtland is a great privilege.

I was born and raised in Östersund. I was employed as an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces before I started our leadership and organisation development enterprise. It was an instructive position full of variety with a lot of useful experience as a leader and teacher. During my time as company commander and with the experience of teaching at the armed forces staff college, it became perfectly clear to me that it is the people and the relationship between them that decides the quality in an organisation.

I have participated in the pedagogical development of the Armed Forces and I am a certified instructor in UGL, SDI and UL (Developmental Leadership).