SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory

The quality of an organization is dependent on the quality of its relationship among the staff and the quality of the performance of the individual is dependant of his or her conception of his or her intrinsic value. The overall goal for people is to do things that make them feel valuable and appreciated. SDI makes things which are important and motivating for people more obvious to those around them which enables the ability to co-operate to develop.

SDI is a mapping method which in a very pedagogical way helps people to understand different behaviour in groups and to strengthen the relationship within the group. Unlike other questionnaires SDI is not a test and the results are never assessed.

The quality in an organization is improved by using SDI through:

SDI is carried out under the expert guidance of a trained leader. SDI consists of supervised discussions intermingled with individual training and training in groups. Our objective is tailored to the customer´s unique needs and can be focused on leadership, group-development, team-building or the ability to handle conflicts. SDI can be carried out during part of a day up to several days according to the customer´s needs and wishes.

SDI is suitable for groups that wish to improve their working together and to reach higher efficiency. It is also suitable for leaders who want to improve their ability to lead and to coach individuals and groups.

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