Handling of a crisis

How does your organization handle a crisis? We test your ability and train you to be able to handle and lead a crisis. Our aim is to train the management and the leadership during a crisis by practising under a realistic threatening situation and to create opportunities for the organization to develop its ability.

We have divided the arrangement into two main phases. They are the testing phase and the training phase.

During the testing phase our work is to identify what is considered a crisis in the organisation and how it is handled by the present crisis management. Initially we make an analysis of the present situation followed by a number of smaller test exercises which are evaluated. The testing phase is concluded with a written report of the organization´s strengths and weaknesses in a crisis. A mapping of training requirements in order to improve strengths and to remove weaknesses is also made.

The training phase in our “handling of crisis” consists of purposeful training according to mapped out needs plus strengths and weaknesses from the testing phase. The training is characterized by a large number of smaller practising scenarios in order to train the ability to lead. Decision-making with insufficient basic data and a lack of time is interlaced with training to think strategically. Communication and being able to handle the media are other important areas. Continuous follow-ups against mapped strengths and weaknesses are carried out. During the training phase the participants are working on a project in order to increase the use of their new knowledge in the organization. The training phase can be concluded with a larger exercise which will show the ability to handle a crisis. This is done in as realistic conditions as possible.

Examples of training besides decision-making:

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