DL (UL)- developmental leadership

Is a new pioneering education that addresses managers and leaders in organizations and companies that want to improve their leadership and to reinforce their roles as leaders. The course is based on the latest research and application of leadership. developmental leadership is applied as a model for leadership since 2003 in the Armed Forces and it is nowadays a popular manager -and leadership- course with the trade and industry and the public administration.

The object of the course is to make managers and leaders more efficient and that they learn to apply the Developmental Leadership by:

The present leadership is mapped out before the course starts. This is done by using an assessment form which is filled in by the participant and the surroundings. The combination is made on a scientific basis by the Swedish National Defence College and the form is handed out during the course. The form is a combined interpretation of the leadership of the participants.

The course covers the overall view of leaders, group and organization. Theory about The Developmental Leadership is used interchangeably with team-work and discussions in smaller and larger groups, using the leader form as a basis. The participants reflect actively on their own leadership and their own experiences in consultation with the course and they get continuous feedback to improve their leadership.

After that the participant uses the Developmental Leadership in combination with his/her own personal plan of action.The participants are supported by each other and their supervisors when they complete their plan of action at a reunion.

The course extends over four days with a three-day basic course and a follow-up day after two to three months. The course is carried out in groups of 8-15 participants and it is conducted by supervisors who are trained and have degrees from the Swedish National Defence College.

Our ambition with the DL courses is that you should meet interesting people and to give you the opportunity to create networks where you can compare notes and find support for your own personal development.

» Welcome to the Developmental Leadership!