Teambuilding addresses all types of working parties from the trade and industry and the public administration that want to improve and work more efficiently together. Teambuilding gives newly formed working parties a sense of security and guidance to move forward. It also gives existing working parties new energy and joy in their work.

The purpose with teambuilding is to turn the group into an efficient team with a pronounced vision and goal. The main point of the accomplishment depends on how the group works together with questions such as participation, co-operation, values and decision-making. Teambuilding also focuses on creating a common vision and an inspiring goal plus creating methods of working within the group. The accomplishment is characterized by practical and fun co-operation exercises interlaced with feedback and process-evaluation.

The Teambuilding is carried out in one or several steps and it always starts with a requirement analysis where the demands of the organisation, the needs of the group and the qualifications of the individuals make up the basis for the realization.


Step 1

The functioning team.This is where the basis for a well functioning team is made. Examples of contents:

Step 2

The team gets a focus. Make the vision, goal and methods of the group clear.

The group works with:

Step 3

Is planned with the client according to their needs.

» Welcome to becoming an efficient Team!